Red River Parts Supply, LLC maintains common parts in stock for Lenar, Shire and ShenNui Tractors. Parts not in stock are ordered directly from the factory. 
Lenar Tractors

Chinese Tractor Parts
Order and Delivery:

In stock parts can be shipped immediately. For parts that must be ordered from China, we generally order once a month.  Once an order is confirmed (including payment to our supplier), they are shipped via Air Freight. Air Freight takes 10 to 13 days to arrive to us and 3 to 5 days to our customers.

Please note: All goods must be cleared by US Customs, on occasion this can add time to delivery. (We always try to provide the appropriate documentation to expedite Customs approval but delays can happen that are beyond our control.)

We ship to the US and Canada, generally via UPS ground or USPS-Priority Mail.

Terms and Conditions:

All parts must be paid in advance prior to order from the manufacturer. Upon receipt of your order Red River Parts Supply will provide a Total Estimated Cost (including Part Cost, Freight, Duty & Brokerage; FOB from Shanghai, China). Your parts will be placed on the monthly order upon receipt of payment (Credit Card or Check).

On occasion the freight costs, customs duty and/or brokerage fees can be higher or lower. If higher we will charge the difference, if lower we will issue a refund. Refunds will be issued to your Credit Card or by Company Check depending on your method of payment.

How to Order:

You will need the factory part number (and description) to order the correct part for your tractor. In most cases, Red River Parts Supply can provide you with the Operational and Maintance manual for your tractor. Please email us with your tractor name and model (include model number and manufacturer) and we will send you a link for a downloadable copy of the manual. In order to avoid ordering the wrong part we will need Part Name, Part Number, Item Number and the Page Number from the manual. You will then receive a quotation via telephone and/or email. Please note: manufacturers sometimes make part changes to improve performance, and do not utilize unique part numbers, in these cases it is helpful to provide pictures of the part to be replaced to resolve indentification issues.

Technical & Mechanical Issues and Questions:
Red River Parts Supply has technical expertise available to answer your questions. Please contact us regarding your Chinese Tractor Parts needs and we will help you find the best solution.

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